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The Naan Nihari is only a takeout service that specializes in Nihari, a Pakistani stew. Here is the story behind their home base setup
“After the partition, a large number of migrants from Delhi settled in Karachi, whose elegance, from food to speech, shone everywhere. A large number of these businessmen also came and settled around Burns Road, Saddar, Clifton and Tariq Road. The gifts of Delhi, where it brought trade and customs, it also gave Karachi a gift of full flavours.

Our family also migrated from Delhi to Pakistan. Nani says that while sharing each other’s sorrows and happiness in the neighborhood, the talk of her handi Nihari started happening in the neighborhood. As Ammi was the eldest among the siblings, she started helping in the work from a young age. The pleasure, skill, and love of Nani’s hands, everything was transferred. Our best childhood memories are also associated with this Nihari. Friends who live in different countries of the world come to Karachi after years and it is not possible that they do not gather on the tablecloth for Ammi’s handi Nihari.

Preserving these traditional pleasures and love in a unique way, Nan Nihari, which you can now enjoy sitting at home with your loved ones.

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Jan/Feb: Weekend pe garma garam naan k sath nashta ya brunch, office mein lunch, ghar mein dinner with nalli, maghaz and desi ghee tarrka
Mar/Apr: Sehri, Iftari and Supper mein plain Nihari and doodh soda/karak chai
May/Jun: Summer night breeze rooftop Nihari dawats/Baqr-Eid get togethers with freezer cold kheer and qehva
Jul/Aug: Matti ki khushbu, with rain drops on your window pane, enjoy hot tandoor roti with piping hot Nihari not forgetting the butter/pyaz tarrka
Sep/Oct: Ice-cold local white soft drinks with extra spicy Nihari
Nov/Dec: winter weddings without Nihari on the menu is incomplete!

Naan Nihari Home Service Adress

They are located at KAECHS Karachi .

Naan Nihari Home Service Contact Number

0311 2628272

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