Best Pizza Restaurants In Karachi For Scrumptious, Mouthwatering Deliciousness

If you’re looking for the best pizza in Karachi, you’re in luck! We have compiled an awesome list of top pizzerias because, no food scene is complete without a good pizza.

There are many great pizza restaurants in Karachi, serving up a variety of different styles of pies. Whether you’re a fan of New York-style pizza, Neapolitan pizza, or deep dish pizza, you’re sure to find a place in Karachi that serves it up just the way you like it. Infact, if you are longing for the true Italian style pizza, you can surely find it as well.

So here is a list of some of the best pizza restaurants in Karachi:

Domino’s Pizza (Best in Terms of Quality & Value)

Domino’s is a famous US-based Pizza chain, operating in Pakistan since 2004. It has 62 branches spread across 18 cities in Pakistan including Karachi. Currently its the most preferred option when it comes to Pizza due to its quality and prices. Unlike others, they are pretty generous when it comes to pizza toppings.

Domino’s offers 32 pizza flavors in 3 crusts i.e. Hand Tossed, Pan & Italian. They also offer a Crunchy Thin crust which is a true delight. Their large pizza cost 1499 PKR and medium in 1099 PKR. They have several deals and promotions going on thought the week.

Yellow Taxi Pizza (Unique Taste)

Yellow Taxi Pizza is one of the less known infact rather unheard of type pizza place in Karachi. Its located at Sindhi Muslim food street of Karachi and offers both dine-in and delivery options. The reason they are on this list is their perfect taste (thanks to the quality ingredients) and economical prices. Their specialty is the three layered pizza which is basically 3 pizzas stacked on each other. A bit overkill in our opinion but hey everyone has their own food fetishes.

They are offering 17 flavors including beef. Their large pizza is around 1625 PKR, medium is 1271 PKR and small pizza costs 527 PKR. Beside the standard sizes, they also offers Jumbo sized pizza which costs around 2474 PKR and is enough for 5 people. You can also make your pizza half n half which lets you enjoy 2 flavors. All pizzas are made in either thin crust or pan crust. They have serval deals going on as well with discounted prices.

Broadway Pizza (Pricey But Tasty)

Operating in 8 cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Broadway Pizza is another notable pizza place worth trying. They have 16 flavors and 10 serving sizes including a 40 inches pizza slice. Their standard sizes that are small, medium and large costs around 314 PKR, 1049 PKR and 1399 PKR respectively. Their extra large pizza which is 20 inches costs around 2519 PKR.

They offer 2 crusts option i.e. thin and stuffed crust. The stuffed crust has butter in it and even people who usually left pizza crust eats it willingly. A bit pricey but they have this unique taste which makes them stand out among the other pizzas.

Famous O’s Pizza (Authentic New York Style Pizza)

If you are craving for an authentic New York style pizza, Famous O’s is where you should be. Beside the freshest ingredients and the finest cheese they use, they have open kitchen where you see the chef making your pizza while you munch on their freshly baked buns.

They are offering 23 flavors in four sizes. Their 10 inch pizza costs 1710 PKR, 12 inch costs 2040 PKR, 16 inch cost 3500 PKR and the 20 inch cost around 5520 PKR. The major issue with this pizzeria in Karachi is, it caters a very specific niche market who has some awareness of the New York taste. Its not everyone’s cup of tea but for those who know what they are eating, its a perfect spot.

California Pizza (For Cheese Lovers)

California Pizza is a restaurant that serves up a variety of pizzas with a California twist, using fresh, seasonal ingredients and unique flavor combinations. Started in 2012 in Karachi, California Pizza is now ranked among the one of the best pizzeria in Karachi. Since then it has spread over 5 cities with 16 branches in Karachi alone.

They offer 25 flavors with no beef option in 4 sizes and the standard pan crust. Their small pizza cost 547 PKR, regular pizza cost 1169 PKR, large pizza cost 1749 PKR and the jumbo pizza cost 2699 PKR. California pizza has a special place among cheese lovers due to their generous cheese toppings on pizza.

They have good taste and have several discounts going in making it a worthwhile contender for the best pizza in Karachi. California Pizza is a great place to go for a pizza with a unique flavor profile, such as the pizza with barbecue chicken, mozzarella cheese, and red onions.


Karachi has a diverse and vibrant food scene, and pizza is one of the most popular cuisines in the city. There are many great pizza restaurants in Karachi, serving up a variety of different styles of pizzas.

When choosing a pizza restaurant in Karachi, it is important to consider the type of pizza you like, the atmosphere, the price, and the reviews. Once you have chosen a restaurant, be sure to be specific about the toppings you want, ask about the wait time, order sides and drinks, and don’t forget to tip the server.