Top 5 Absolute Best Burgers in Karachi – Find Most Yummiest, Juicy Burger

The one thing common in the people of Karachi is their love for food. You will find the streets here brimming with people searching for their favorite foods at their favorite restaurants.

And if you are a burger lover, you live in the perfect city or are visiting the best city in Pakistan! This city is home to the most tender, juicy and finger-licking good burgers ever. So if you are a hungry burger enthusiast looking for new, and the best burgers in K-town, we got your back!

We have gone through a series of burgers and their reviews throughout K-town and compiled a list of the sauciest, meatiest, and yummiest burgers in karachi for you because what could be better than biting into a perfectly cooked burger patty?

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to our top contenders when it comes to finding the best burger in Karachi.

#1. Oh My Grill Burgers

The first one on our list is Oh My Grill, where you will be O-M-G-ed right after that first bite into their Swiss Mushroom Melt. This burger place is famous all over K-town for its beef burgers. With their juicy patty, slathered in cheese and served with their original BBQ sauce on their tasty toasted buns, this burger joint is bound to fulfill your belly desire for a perfectly grilled burger.

One of the reasons their burgers are one of the softest in town is because they make their buns that are so tender they melt in your mouth, which is why you have got to try this! With their branches in four spots all over Karachi, grab a bite of their incredible burgers for a gourmet experience and get ready to be OMG-ed!

Check out their menu here, and order your favorite burger online or visit the nearest branch for an experience of a lifetime.

#2. No Lies Fries Burgers

We won’t lie – this burger joint will not miss the spot. Served with crispy fries and sauce, all true burger lovers must have No Lies Fries burgers at least once in their lifetime! Even though their entire menu is worthy of all the praises in a food lover’s world, their True Smoke burger takes the cake.

Are you a pepperoni fan? Because if you are, you will love their burger with smoked pepperoni topped with onion rings and a tangy sauce, a burger made just for you! You will know you have lived your best life once you bite into their smashed beef patty nested between the softest potato buns.

Visit their page and check out the incredible variety of burgers they offer for yourself. All the pictures you can see on their page look appetizing, but their burgers in real are even more delectable. Grab yours now, and get a taste of heaven!

#3. Burger o’ Clock

On the hunt for a new, unique burger to satisfy your taste buds? Hit the brakes at Burger O’clock! Their exciting menu that includes grilled, breaded, and fried chicken burgers topped with their signature sauces will fulfill all your cravings.

Burger O’clock is one of the most hygienic burger spots in Karachi, which serves fresh and juicy chicken sandwiched between tender buns, topped with their original, spicy sauces. Their most famous burger Crunchos is heavenly for all our Nachos fans out there and is bound to leave you craving more. Another one of their most popular burgers is the Messy Meat Burger with a thick beef patty topped with sizzling cheese and onion rings, which is one of a kind and hits not only the right spot in your belly but your heart.

#4. Aussie Burger Company

Imagine a burger with buns so soft and uniquely textured that it seems firm on the outside, but melts in your mouth instantly. That’s right! That is what Aussie burger is all about! With their perfectly textured buns, they truly live up to their promise of bringing the original taste of Australian burgers to K-town. Try their Outback burger – the best burger in Karachi – filled with creamy garlic sauce and grilled mushrooms on top of their smashed beef patty.

You are bound to fall in love with this food joint for their Hell Fire Chicken and Jalapeno Bacon Chicken (for all our jalapeno enthusiasts) topped with pickles, mushrooms, and their signature sauce will surely blow your mind! Visit one of their three branches in the city or order online here and experience greatness for yourself.

#5. Juicy Lucy Burgers Karachi

The name suggests just how juicy their burgers are, and that is one of the many reasons why burgers from Juicy Lucy have made it into our list. Unlike many other popular burger spots in Karachi, Juicy Lucy is not only finger-licking-good but affordable too. With their more-than-average sized patties, topped with quite a few vegetables of your choice and several different tasty sauces, their burgers are worth your money!

Juicy Lucy can be easily considered one of the hidden gems in K-town whose burgers are truly a work of art. You can’t say you’re a true burger enthusiast until you try their Gouda Cheeseburger. This burger is their most successful and popular one, served with a gouda cheese-filled beef patty topped with pickles and their signature Juicy Lucy sauce cushioned between brioche buns that will leave you wanting more with every bite you take.

They started from Karachi Eat Festival and have quickly become one of the most loved burger places in town, especially for beef lovers because what’s better than a simple beef patty? BEEF PATTY FILLED WITH CHEESE! Get your hands on their most wanted burgers and satisfy your inner ravenous foodie. You can visit their Instagram page here and check out the place and the menu that will certainly make you want to visit soon – as you should!


In search of a meaty, saucy, classic burger? Karachi is your best bet. And with the list of all the best burgers in Karachi and where to find them that we have compiled for you here, your heart and belly are going for an adventurous ride. All you have to do is connect with that inner foodie in yourself and let the top 5 burgers in K-town serve your cravings. We hope our list helps you find the best burger in Karachi so your burger-loving heart can live on and on.