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Ambala Sweets and Bakers, one of Karachi’s well-known bakeries, guarantees to provide you with high-quality sweet and savoury foods at reasonable costs. 

They offer a wide range of freshly baked goods, including breads, rusks, cookies, cakes, croissants, pastries, and patties, among others. 

They are well known for their Halwajaat, which is a traditional sweet dish cooked with Desi Ghee and a variety of other nutritious ingredients to keep you warm on chilly evenings.

Ambala Sweets And Bakers Karachi Branches

DHA Branch

PSO Petrol Pump,Phase 1,DHA Korangi Road, DHA , Karachi

PECHS Branch

61/q block 6 pechs, DHA , Karachi

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Ambala Sweets & Bakers
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Maria chaudry
Maria chaudry
14:25 07 May 23
A good horror-themed café ???? with an amazing atmosphere that is both eerie and inviting. The décor was well thought out and evoked a sense of horror and unease without being too overwhelming.Of course, the food is a priority in any restaurant or café , manu was creative and appropriately themed, their taste, and presentation was good enough ✔️.friendly and knowledgeable staff is, I mean how attentive they were to the customers, like they literally tried their best to entertain and accept anything in return from the customers.prices are reasonable and  quality of the experience justifies the cost.worth recommending????????
Beautiful Baltistan
Beautiful Baltistan
21:17 07 Mar 23
Good taste but the area was not clean
Saadi Explorer
Saadi Explorer
20:02 25 Dec 22
Best in dairy products and bakery items if you stay nearby
Sarah Ashar
Sarah Ashar
07:50 25 Dec 22
Winter nights calls for some good coffee, kasturi milk, hot chocolate and much more....This place sells superb quality milk and milk products. Nowadays you will find fajar halwa and gond halwa beautifully displayed on their counters.Their prices are low as compare to other spots. You can also find different shakes and ice-creams of different flavors. All fresh and good!
Divine Siddiqui
Divine Siddiqui
06:43 14 Dec 22
In order to ensure that every segment of our society may enjoy and share the deliciousness of their sweets, they made the decision to make the highest-quality candies at very affordable costs. Sincerity dictates that they concentrate most of their efforts on preserving and improving quality. To monitor the quality of the ingredients, they have a fully-fledged quality control department with trained personnel and cutting-edge equipment. I have no doubt that they buy their ingredients from reputable national and international businesses. They consistently demonstrated a desire to preserve the quality, freshness, and longevity of our products. Their customer service is fantastic.
Uccello Tours
Uccello Tours
05:04 22 Nov 21
Best Dairy Products are Awesome ????- Lassi- dhoodh- rabrhiEvery thing have its own great taste. Wide range of sweets ????????????
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