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a place where myth and taste collide. You can therefore check out the prices and menu information for Cafe Rustic Islamabad from here. The restaurant has a very distinctive atmosphere with a warm and inviting ambiance and delicious food. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the place because they have such a fantastic music collection. Simply put, they handle consumer demands. You don’t need to travel to any other city to find delectable meals because it has already been prepared for you. The food is consistently well-balanced and does not contain a lot of spices that could cause heartburn.

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Street 14 E-7 Markaz, Shaheen Market, Islamabad.

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Cafe Rustic
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Maham Ali
Maham Ali
08:41 18 Nov 22
Best burgers in Islamabad,They have the most authentic and fulfilling burgers that I have eaten yet here in Islamabad. The burgers are not very expensive it’s good value for the money. I also tried their steak and the sauces with it were okay but the meat was perfectly cooked and was very tender.The onion rings with the burger were the star for me, very crispy and delicious! I also tried their lotus shake which was very yummy.
Faizan Ikram
Faizan Ikram
06:59 11 May 22
Utterly disappointed!I was a big fan of this place until the last couple of times ive eaten here. Standard has deteriorated quite much. I always used to eat Lamb Burger. Last time we ordered one of those and another angus burger. Both were left half eaten. Patties were undercooked (red meat, unchewable), very dry and bland. More so, the staff took 1 hour to prepare the order. It was a total waste of time and money. Sad to see this place losing its essence.P.S : Please add an option of regular potato fries with burgers. Not everyone likes sweet potato. The food eventually gets wasted.
Faisal Sulaiman
Faisal Sulaiman
17:38 21 Apr 22
After hearing so many good things about this place and reading such good reviews, I finally decided to visit Cafe Rustic. The ambience was ok (considering the name/theme). Ordered the buttermilk crispy chicken and the smash (beef) burgers. The smash burger contained 2 patties... Which could have been a little more smashed. I personally enjoy the crispy outer edges of smashed patties... Which was missing. Otherwise it was good. The buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich was great. A healthy sized filet covered with a genuinely crispy coating. The only critique I had for the chicken sandwich was the amount of coleslaw inside. The surprising highlight was the sweet potato fries (couldn't get enough of those).Overall a great place to get a decent burger.
Jamil Afridi
Jamil Afridi
15:55 16 Dec 21
I ended up at this place with my gang for a dinner out of the blue. With high expectations we ordered our dinner. Initially we wanted steaks but were told that it had to be ordered a day before. Disappointed we chose from whatever was available.Their burgers were nice and juicy but I can bet they can improve upon their cheese selection for the burgers. Sides were a total disappointment. Onion rings and sweet potato fries were of just basic quality. They need to work on their batter recipe to be more crunchy and palatable.Filet Mignon was just OK. We liked their starters. If you want to eat there I suggest you try their burgers only. For eating beef, head out to a better place.The service was good. Nice waiter with neat and clean dress and polite manners.
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