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Howdy Pizza is distinguished by its delicious, distinct-tasting, and high-quality pizza. They provide their distinctive pizza varieties, such as Chicken Milano, Mac & Cheese, and Howdy Rowdy, with fantastic sauces! You can also chow down on their Appetizers, Burgers, and Fries.

Howdy Pizza Karachi Branches

Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi Branch

Block 12, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi

Sumaira Tower Karachi Branch

Sumaira Tower, Block-10, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi

Howdy Pizza Karachi Contact Number

0335 0283143_ 0310 5582545

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Howdy pizza
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ali aamir
ali aamir
04:17 07 Mar 23
I went for a dinner with my family yesterdsy night and by the first impression i got from their sitting area i asked my family to leave that place sunce we were the only ones sitting there, but they insisted on trying. My family was selecting what to order and then a gentleman entered and addressed us asking if have ordered or not. On our asking he told that he just received their ordered take away and the taste and quality is pathetic, even he offered me to take a bite from his meal and then decide. Cut short, we were convinced to leave that place. So folks, think wisely before ordering and taking meals.
Muhammad Umar
Muhammad Umar
19:54 28 Jan 23
This restaurant is very unsatisfactory.We ordered 3 small pizza, 3 zinger burger, 3 nuggets, 3 drumsticks, and 1 ltr deal.What we got was extremely small pizzas only of 6 inches we didn't get zinger burger but instead got 2 zinger and 1 patty burger. No drumsticks were included and the nuggets were very bad. The pizza was so hard it felt like i was eating concrete and only 2 chilli sauce were given.Delivery time was supposed to be 1 hour but we got it at 2.5 hours and they just ignore when you asked them why they are late they deliver with bykea and even the bykea rider messaged us and said that the order is not ready when the resaturant said order is on the way.The service is very bad.
muhammad suleman
muhammad suleman
14:42 28 Jan 23
Not recommend at all waste of money they deliver thru bygea wihout proper bags delivery time is over 1 hour and quality is worst u can think of thet offer cheap menu and deliver rubbish
Fayyaz Zakaria
Fayyaz Zakaria
21:06 09 Dec 22
I have ordered zinger burger and they delivered this patty burger and also you can see that in chicken patty there is a black spot inside it. Worst then ever, I never never never order your restaurant never, pathetic!
08:27 15 Sep 22
Pathetic experienceI had vouch365 and they deniedInstead offer me some deals (that valued more than voucher) well I accept one and ordered pizza with drink.Pizza arrived on time but burntAll the cheese toppings were Black-ish onions too.Not only this the dough bread feels like stone in the mouth.As the quality and hygiene is really far from that place.
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