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The popular eatery Jessie’s in Islamabad specialises in mouthwatering beef and chicken burgers to relieve your stomach’s complaints. Their shakes are actually better when combined with burgers, in addition to serving Thirst Quenchers and Hot beverages. Steaks and salads are among its specialties; the rest is up to you to discover!

Jessie’s Burger Islamabad Address:

Parking lot, Shop No. 5, Block،, 12D Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz F 7/1 F-7, Islamabad

Jessie’s Burger Islamabad Contact Number:

(051) 8312209

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usama tahir
usama tahir
19:27 24 May 22
Their burgers were the main attraction for our visit. However, the beef burger was unable to justify the visit and the money. I mean it was good but not that good. The patty was juicy but not very tasty, and slim too. The ambiance is good btw.
Maham Zupash Kamran
Maham Zupash Kamran
15:27 06 Feb 22
I love thier "The Steak" it's Juicy, tasty, fills one up nicely. Love the Mint cooler from the drinks and all the deserts are delicious. Not a fan of their burgers but everything else on their menus is awesome.Edit: I recently visited and they changed they increased the prices by 40% The steak I'd now almost 2000. While I still like the place , it has become too expensive.
Shaharyar Khan
Shaharyar Khan
13:39 29 Sep 21
Jessie's Burgers are fresh tasty and juicy. The service provided is fast. You find grilled, minced and fried filled Burgers. The bread used is good in quality . The fries part needs to be looked into, the tissue provided should be replaced with a better quality and utmost important to at least hold their prices for a while. Jessie's salad is made up fresh lettuce, chicken strips , cheese and dates. Everything is fresh but the tastes produced with these rich ingredients needs some consideration for improvement . Over all 3.5 /5
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