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A restaurant with a strong barbecue motif that serves only the highest-quality, hygienically prepared cuisine is called Meerut Famous Kabab Paratha. They kept up their business with integrity and top-notch products, and the residents of Karachi valued it much. The finest and highest quality ingredients are used to prepare the dish.

Simply put, it is the best and most affordable barbecue joint in town.

Meerutt Karachi Menu address

Plot no. JM371, JM372 Usman Corner ,Main Grumandir , Jamshed Road Karachi

Merutt Karachi Menu contact number:

03324448333 03343859651 03022452888

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Meerut Famous Kabab Paratha
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Affan Ashraf
Affan Ashraf
11:54 17 Jan 23
I was looking for authentic behari kabab in karachi. And for that matter meerut kabab paratha was recommended by a cousin of mine and he took us there. I found the behari kabab pheonominal. Exactly the way i heard the kabab should be, soft and tender enough to dissolve. Reshmi kababs were also worth eating. I highly recommend it. ????????????????
Muhammad Hammad
Muhammad Hammad
22:24 09 Jan 23
One of the best & oldest Kabab Paratha Point of Karachi.. a bit overpriced but still acceptable.. khair chl ta hai????????
Zain T
Zain T
06:28 12 Dec 21
Service was good great atmosphere, separate family hall, sanitizer was available, food was good at all but as they named it Famous Kabab Paratha we thought there will be real parathas and various kababs in there menu but unfortunately only poori parathas are available here which is actually poori so we got to order it and tikka with other items they just have seekh kabab and tikkas, Botis its a BBQ restaurant with very short menu and a little bit high prices Meerut is awesome but still we have better options No Smoking were followed by the management but No Mask No Entry Was ignored buy the management well it doesn't matter because while eating u have to take it off
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