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A wide variety of delicious food is available at the RoadHouse Kitchen in North Nazimabad. At RoadHouse Kitchen, you can savour delicious food in a fun and lively setting. View their menu and most recent special offers.

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 0318 1144482

D-15, Block-C, North Nazimabad, near Dolmen Mall Hyderi, Karachi

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Abdul Nasir
Abdul Nasir
12:16 04 Jul 22
This place was in wish list for long time but finally have a Chance to visit.And this was more than i expected from this place.I had ordered three dishes smoking burger, Alfredo pasta, and Mexican platter, amazing everything was delicious and worth.Someone may say this place is expensive but comparatively this place is cheap if you see their quantity, taste and their ambience.Taste : 10/10Ambience: 10/10Service 10/10If you like steaks burger and all that this place is must recommend????
Moaz Raza
Moaz Raza
13:34 06 Jun 22
I'd heard good things about this place but my experience was far from it.Ordered the Tenderstrom, medium rare which came with a cream sauce on top and a variety of four other sauces on the side, a wedge of grilled potato and veggies, and fries covered in creamy herb sauce and pulled smoked beef.They got the order wrong. It was already past medium when it came out of the kitchen and they served it in a sizzler. A few minutes later, it was well done, grey and chewy. Had to get it replaced.The new one was pretty decent, as far as the actual cook and taste of the tenderloin went. The sizzler wasn't smoking this time around at least and the cream sauce was served on the side which was good because the steak tasted better without it.I liked the fries, the veggies were too peppery and the wedge was okay. The cream sauce, I didn't like, too peppery again. In fact, I only liked one sauce, a smoky sweet sauce.The ambiance was fine, nothing worth commenting on, the service was good apart from the messed order.
not available
not available
04:23 18 Apr 22
hit like if it helped you.Condition of place : good and it was pleasant environment inside and good experience here.Service: 9/10 it was good. Servers were efficient including lead server on the floorTaste & Quality: taste is good here quality also looks good. Food was delicious Quantity is good too which we ordered. Different food loaded with cheese but those had less taste.Reachability: It was just across dolmen mall. Behind Dolmen mall you could see bamboo installed, it's just there. Flat bread/pizza was delicious.Courtesy : 9/10Pricing : expensive. It's not cheapParking : street parking. Park at own risk.Wanna go again here : maybe yes but prices are at higher end.visited: Dec 2021peace out
Taha Shahid
Taha Shahid
10:24 17 Apr 22
We heard about their good taste & servings. So me and my wife decided to visit this place on 16 Ramadan iftar. We really surprised that all good Google Maps reviews about this place are true. I always post honest reviews and I must say that you should visit at least once if you like cheesy fast food. Yes, food price is a little high but you will not regret it. Meet the Cheese restaurant is more expensive but it has worst service and taste. RHK served us free iftar platter which is a kind gesture. We ordered a large pizza, very tasty. A burger, again very tasty. A bucket of fries, crispy from outside soft from inside. Perfect! Also ordered a Pomo Berry drink which was so refreshing. All of it cost us PKR. 2800 for two of us. Absolutely fast and responsive service by the young staff. They had eyes on every table. Environment was cleaned and maintained. I tried to find some negative things but failed. Very happy! Alhamdulillah.
Sara Khan
Sara Khan
07:50 14 Mar 22
This an honest review and not a paid post. I really liked Roadhouse kitchen!!!We ordered their famous showstopper steak and it was really good. We ordered another kind of steak, Alfredo pasta, a large pizza and cheesy fries.The pasta was a bit less in quantity as compared to the price but it was really creamy and yummy.Pizza was a bit bland in taste.Special mention for the staff who were cooperative and very kind.
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