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Are you trying to find a place that serves delicious, high-quality pizza? Then you must give Stone Ove a shot. There are many different pizzas, appetisers, and other delicious items on the Stone Ove menu. Your desired product is available for extremely affordable costs.Trust is earned by Stone Ove by offering delectable tastes, prestigious products, and exceptional services. They allow you to host a party there and have a comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, they provide excellent customer service. Each meal is also prepared flawlessly, cleanly, and flavorfully. As a result, it is a restaurant that is highly recommended.We have assembled the whole Stone Ove menu along with a price list for your convenience. Decide what you want to order by looking at the menu below.

stone ove pizza Vally Rawalpindi

D- 347 6th Rd, D Block Block D Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab

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  • (051) 4848883
  • (051)111334455
  • 03111334454

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Stone Ove. Pizza Valley
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Abdul Manan
Abdul Manan
08:51 26 Aug 23
Tried their Behari kebab pizza and Chocolate brownie. Pizza was normal like not according to expectations. Ambiance is good and enchanting.
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed
22:24 19 Jul 23
I visited them after checking their reviews which were 4.4 by 4000+ people at the time, so i had an image in mind that they must be serving the greatest pizza of town but to my surprise, it wasn't that much tasty or great.First i ordered jalapenos cheese sticks from appetizers which were Alhamdulillah good in taste.Secondly i ordered their special flavour peri peri pizza from midnight deals, as per the price, it wasn't upto the mark. First of all, it wasn't peri peri at all, there were more spices in the name then the pizza itself, lastly, the sauce used in the pizza smell like curry of chicken qorma, and pizza seem so heavy in texture that 3 people could hardly eat half of large pizza.So i wouldn't recommend them at all to anyone for the pizza.
Salman Qamar
Salman Qamar
09:03 11 Jun 23
Stone Ove Pizza Valley is the best place in Rawalpindi that offers one of the finest dining experiences, especially when it comes to fast food. The pizza's exquisite taste never fails to impress me, as I have now returned for a second time and the service continues to be exceptional. The ambiance is pleasant and the service is prompt, all while being economically friendly without compromising on the quality of the pizza. The overall experience, from the location to the service and, of course, the pizza itself, is truly top-notch. I absolutely adored their pizza, which surpassed my expectations. It was an absolute delight, and the affordability added to its appeal. We opted for deal 4, which easily satisfied a group of four. The staff even checked in on us regularly to ensure our satisfaction, which was a wonderful gesture on their part. The interior was tastefully designed, reflecting the establishment's reputation. The service was outstanding, and I will definitely be returning. I highly recommend trying their "Chicken Supreme Pizza" and indulging in their "Brownie with Ice Cream." While searching for dining options near 6th Rd, we came across this place, and the reviews spoke highly of it. Intrigued, we decided to give it a shot. The food turned out to be incredibly delicious, and the venue itself was clean and spacious. The overall dining experience was thoroughly enjoyable. I have developed a fondness for this place and will unquestionably visit again. I highly recommend it to others as well.
Syed Abdullah
Syed Abdullah
15:09 19 May 23
I recently had the pleasure of dining at Stone Ove Pizza, and I must say, it was a delightful experience. The restaurant's speciality pizza left me with a lingering taste that was hard to forget. With its fresh dough and a generous amount of cheese, every bite was a perfect blend of flavours. The softness of the crust gave it a unique quality, almost resembling liquefied pizza.Not only was the food outstanding, but the staff also played a significant role in making my visit memorable. From the moment I stepped inside, I was greeted with warm smiles. Their welcoming and cooperative nature created an inviting atmosphere, and I felt well taken care of throughout my time there.Stone Ove Pizza's theme and ambience added to the overall experience. The unique setting provided a refreshing change from the usual pizza joints. The attention to detail in the decor and the carefully chosen elements created an inviting and comfortable environment.Overall, my experience at Stone Ove Pizza was outstanding. The taste, quality, and attention to detail in their pizzas are commendable. I highly recommend visiting Stone Ove Pizza for a memorable and mouthwatering culinary experience that will leave you craving more.
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