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Largest Pizza in the City! Yes, you read that correctly; we have provided all of The Big Pizza Karachi Menu’s information here. One of Karachi’s most remarkable places to see is this. They are just providing the most delicious pizza to the clients. Aside from that, this restaurant is the first to provide 30 inches of pizza in Karachi. They also have seating options for families and couples since they understand that customer safety is just as important as the quality of their meals. We also talk about the restaurant’s menu, which includes a variety of pizza flavours.

The Big Pizza Adress:

Shop # 1 Plot # 91 Al Haram Tower 2, Block 3, Bihar Muslim Society Karachi.

The Big Pizza Contact Number:

(021) 38892244

+92 304 8892244

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The Big Pizza
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Fazal Khan
Fazal Khan
07:33 03 Dec 22
Ordered 30" pizza for an office event. It's actually THE REALLY BIG PIZZA as it was bigger than we expected. Flavors were good especially the filled crust.
Muhammad Mubin
Muhammad Mubin
14:23 13 Nov 22
its purely my personal experience sharing, since it is very different pizza and i personally dont like it. my whole family hardly finish their 1 pc and left the food. owner is a lady and very generous but since i am giving my opinion so here is my genuine review that it is not the traditional ????.
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain
13:19 05 Mar 22
Went there with my cousins. We were about 10 adults. The service there was really amazing. The staff was friendly. We ordered a 30 inch pizza (3 flavours in one!!) and their max sized slice. The taste was really good. Everything was fresh. Would definitely recommend it to all the pizza lovers out there.
Shaheera Zaman
Shaheera Zaman
19:24 01 Jan 22
Yesterday, to celebrate my birthday instead of going the usual route of cake (diabetic dad) we decided to go with something we could all enjoy and decided on pizza, after insistence of my younger brother who can't live without trying every new thing in town, we had no choice but to order the 30 inch pizza from The Big Pizza. We decided on Tikka Zilla flavor.We placed our order at 4'o clock and after half a dozen calls received it at 6, 15 minutes after cancelling the order. We felt it inappropriate to return it after having the poor delivery guy carry it three floors up.Unfortunately due to some system issues the order was received late by them (I placed it on website) and by the time we received the pizza it was cold. We were angry and complained. During and after the whole process we received many apologies and credit given to the owner and employees of the big pizza who were extremely polite and friendly throughout the whole exchange. The owner Khurram called us and offered a complimentary pizza which we refused but the owner insisted and promised us a better experience (very confident in his product). We received a large complimentary pizza and garlic bread tonight while I was out with my mom, my brother and dad were already done by the time we reached home, fortunately it was still hot. The pizza had 2 flavors, one of which was ranch (we left it up to the owners own discretion) and another which I don't know. The crust was stuffed and the pizza was heavy with toppings and cheese.The owner is definitely determined to maintain his quality, name and service. He was rightfully confident in the taste of his product and he proved it. My always one flavor family enjoyed the flavors of the pizza. It was tasty, cheesy and checked all the marks of a good pizza.The 30 inch pizza is around Rs.3500 but they're running a 15% off discount on web orders so we got it for RS.2975 plus delivery. The pizza is definitely big enough for around 10 adults.
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