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We’re back with the menu at Otus Rooftop Lahore. The Otus is a casual fine dining establishment that offers unique cuisine and welcoming service in a contemporary Victorian setting. A casual, outdoor fine dining establishment with a modern Victorian setting, The Otus Rooftop serves a variety of meals. Their diet is made up of premium organic ingredients. Additionally, to keep patrons interested, their menu is updated every six to eight weeks with a combination of fresh and popular foods. Hey, burger aficionado, check out the Otus rooftop. Lahore’s Otus Restaurant was very recently established. Since it first opened its doors many years ago, this restaurant has produced tidy, clean burgers for us at reasonable prices. They deliver to customers’ homes. They also provide us pre-booking services if you wish to.

The Otus Rooftop Restaurant Addres:

28 k Sir Syed Rd, Block K Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab

The Otus Rooftop Restaurant Contact Number:

0321 6660079

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The Otus Rooftop
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Qazi Fakhar Rehman
Qazi Fakhar Rehman
15:07 27 Dec 22
If you really want to add value to your event, then The Otus rooftop is the right choice. The way they decorate the area of your event is beyond expectations and overwhelming. The staff is friendly and pro-active. The food is lovely and must try their BBQ platter and stuffed chicken. I highly recommend The Otus for your event to make it more memorable.
Waqar Hussain
Waqar Hussain
06:21 12 Dec 22
Everything was good. But food wise i am not going to recommend anyone.
Adiba Baryal
Adiba Baryal
11:21 25 Nov 22
Absolutely disgusting service my wife booked dinner for us at this restaurant with customise decoration they did not deliver what they promised They overcharged and refused to refund I would recommend strongly not to go at this place in Lahore it’s completely waste of money and stuff there it’s very rude and they don’t know how to serve the food if you order the food at this place they will serve you drinks right at the end After you have eaten your meal absolutely disgusting.Did the creation we choose we did not get exactly what we wanted It was completely different layout to what we selected.
Syed Asjad Tauheed Zaidi
Syed Asjad Tauheed Zaidi
05:28 26 Jul 21
Ambience wise the place is good sofas and chairs are very comfortable and staff is good except the chef's. Food is subpar and below standard considering the prices which are very high their food doesn't meet the demand. Had a chance of trying "Chicken in a blanket" sorry to say it was bland and tasteless the only taste it had was that of a slightly burned chicken. Next is "Galileo chicken" which was also not very good. The only dish which had some taste was "Salsa chicken with rice" but word salsa doesn't mean put all the ketchup in it and call it salsa chicken alhough it was better then the former two. Presentation of food was good.This place it is good for hosting small happy occasions since most of the younger generation require good pictures. Regarding food i would not recommended anyone.You get to the rooftop via lift; 4 person max allowed.Indoors air conditioning is good as long as you are sitting underneath the unit otherwise if your sitting away you will get warm.P.s quality and quantity of food remained same but prices has been raised upto 50-60% each dish
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